Month: October 2015

5 Types Of Printing

Published / by Lia Romani

Printing is a method used to duplicate as many as possible texts and images with the help of a template. The history of printing runs back to the 220 AD to China. The Chinese used a wood block as the printing template and later developed it to a cylinder. Later a more efficient printing press method of printing was introduced to print the letters of the English alphabet which contained a limited number of letters. Given here are some methods used today in the printing industry.

Offset printing
Offset printing is a method which involves applying a layer of ink on a rubber template and then ‘offset’ to a printing surface. The rubber templates and printing surfaces are usually on large rollers, and are useful in massive printing. Newspapers and magazines are printed in this way. Quality can depend from one material to another as in printing newspapers differ from business card printing. In offset printing the template used is based on the lithographic technique. Here the non-printing area of the template is covered by a water based liquid that wouldn’t allow the ink to stick on unwanted areas, thus giving a clean finish.

This is a type of print making in which the image is engraved on a wood, and this is used as the template for printing. In rotogravure, the image is engraved on a cylinder, as the printing is done similar to that of the offset type. This method is mostly used in magazine, post card and custom and designed flyers printing Sydney.

Screen printing.
Screen printing is a stencil printing method. Here, a stencil with the openings which allows ink to flow through is placed on top of the printing material. A wire mesh is placed right on top of that, which is again topped by an ink spraying apparatus called squeegee. Screen printing is beneficial in many printing purposes as the material to be printed on can vary from paper, cardboard to wood or cotton. Banner and T-shirt printings are famously done using this method.

Digital printing
One of the expensive and frequently used means these days, digital printing uses a digitally based image to be printed on any media. Even though this method is costly; its expense can be reduced because a template is unnecessary for the printing process. Due to the digitalization, the images can be modified whenever you want and the time taken is lesser than any other printing systems mentioned above. The major difference between digital printing and other methods is that there is no need to replace the template every time you want to print something new. This convenience had made digital printing the most sort after printing technique in the world. Different printing methods can be employed according to the need and budget of yours. Using the most suitable method for your printing purpose can make your task less expensive and long lasting.