Month: October 2018

How To Start A Home Based Bakery?

Published / by Lia Romani

If you are a great baker opening up a bakery at home is an ideal option but it isn’t always as easy as it seems. Although you may have the skills and experiences required to be a professional there are many other factors you must think about before starting up. As a baker you will need a lot of time to get your job done. The intricate designs on your cakes and cookies require your full concentration as well as an abundance of time. And you will need some capital for the business. Although there isn’t rental costs for a home based bakery there are surely other costs like costs on a fully equipped kitchen as well as costs for separate storage areas. But if you have no such problems, below is a brief list of how you can start up a home bakery business.

Laws and Licenses

When you are dealing with the sale of edible products there are many laws and licenses to ensure your food is safe and healthy. Make sure to read through the health laws in your country. Get the necessary licenses required for your business to ensure customers that their food is safe.


Before you start your bakery or any business for that matter, a business plan is essential. It must include a detailed explanation of your products, budget as well as business goals. This plan will help you stay focused and make the entire start-up process easy for you.

Equipment and Supplies

If you have a big enough kitchen space all you will need are the essential equipment and the supplies. This investment is necessary although it may be costly. High quality machinery will make tasks simple for you and allow you to meet customer demands on time. You must also buy boxes and jars for packaging as well as perfect custom logo stickers with your bakery name so that customers will recognize your product easily.


It is important to advertise to the community about your bakery and the products you sell. You can advertise on local newspapers, flyers or even get window stickers with you brand name or logo. Social media is also a great source for marketing.


In order to attract customers find unique products that isn’t available in the area. As a home bakery you can add some different flavours and make changes to suit customers taste. Make sure you are aware of the ingredients to notify customers in case of allergies especially in the case of peanuts.

Effective Methods To Deal With Water Leakage

Published / by Lia Romani

When it comes to properties and defects, one of the most common defect which people often do not pay attention to is water ingress. Thousands of people every year file water ingress reports in Sydney for their properties and claim insurance if they have the chance because of how harmful the issue it can be. Often time people neglect it thinking it nothing more than a mere nuisance, however, it can be extremely dangerous not only for the property but also for the health of the residents. Most of the time water ingress is the result of lack of planning during the construction of building, low quality materials, improper care, and the weather. If lately you have been noticing stains and discoloration on your walls then it is highly likely that there is water leakage inside your house because these are the most common symptoms of it. If you have been dealing with water leakage then there are some methods to deal with it, which are as following: 

Maintenance of Property 
In order to avoid water ingress it is highly important to keep your property maintained, taking some extra care can go a long way and save up a lot of expenses. If you see any cracks or paint coming off the wall then it is a red signal and you have to get it repainted and fill those cracks as soon as possible to avoid any long term damage to the property. 

Identification of Cause 
It is important to identify the main source of the water leakage. Discoloration and stains on your walls are signs of water ingress so as soon as you see them it is important to pinpoint their root. Once you do, one of the method which may work to temporarily stop it is to close the water supply of that place. If that does not work and you are running short on options then the best option is to close the water supply of the property and consult remedial building estimators to determine the cause and aid recovery in order to deal with it professionally. 

Consulting Professionals 
Water leakage is not a matter to be taken lightly, when you see the first signs of it consult professionals if none of the above mentioned methods work. Otherwise in the long run you will end up causing damage to your property and significantly decrease its value. When consulting professionals look for those who can help you treat the issue as soon as possible, if not then move on and find someone else. If you have been finding the issue of water leakage then Hydromedial has got you covered. They are remedial building estimators in Sydney who specialize in the diagnosis and analysis of water leakage and efficiently fixing it to make your property good as new again. remedial-construction