Pros And Cons Of Device Charging Stations

by | February 28, 2019

Humans depend on various equipment which runs on battery power on a daily basis. Since this devices are high in mobility and versatility we tend to depend on them more as time passes. Since the launch of the most primitive battery powered device was launched the demand for these devices has been growing exponentially. Battery life is the most deciding factor when it comes to mobile devices. Throughout the years developers have been taking mitigations to increase battery life but it barely reaches our demand except for in some cases. Not paying attention to your battery life, not maintaining the battery health appropriately can drain the battery in just a matter of time. Even though the installation and the usage of a mobile device charging station might be seemingly a primitive idea, the demand for these installations is at a constant peak demand. Let’s look in to a few pros and cons of these installations.

Why should I use it?

The accessibility to these devices are high and at a stage of ascending growth. You can find these station at offices, restaurants, universities, shopping malls and even in events like Coachella .Basically you can come across one in the most common places that users might end up their devices for longer times and carried away with it till the battery hits the floor.Includes modern inductive charging which is also known as wireless charging which doesn’t involve plugging in or docking the device. It simply charges the battery through contact using electromagnetic sorcery.

These stations are equipped with the most reliable universal cables so that the user can basically plug any device without facing complications. Charging stations even include fast charging which charges your devices faster than their conventional charger do, which is an attractive feature. The users wouldn’t have to stay in queues just to charge their mobile devices now.The installation of multiple charger ports make life a lot easier when your devices is craving freshly generated electricity. Multiple devices can be charged at the same times which saves valuable time for users.

Why shouldn’t it?

The main reason is data thievery. Cyber hackers can easily gain access to your phone when it gets docked in for charging through the usage of cables. So its recommended to use recognized and approved charging stations.It does come at a price. A fixed phone charging station rental is nonexistent due to the change in demand, depending on the placement of location as well as the electricity prices which tend to fluctuate. It even might change according to the device, since each and every single devices possesses a unique battery cycle.Some charging stations can even harm the battery life of your device through unregulated fast charging. The device tends to accept more charge which increases the device temperature. High temperatures can affect the durability of mobile device batteries.