Ways To Prepare Your House For Sale

by | June 5, 2017

Houses are abundantly available on the market today. Home buyers therefore are allowed to be picky about which house and where to buy them. Another tricky business about selling houses is that they form homes for families, these families take extra care of where they want to live in the future. The look, the feel, the ambience, the environment, the area, the location et al matters when it comes to buying a house. You don’t have to fret while preparing a house to sell, small repairs and a good clean up job might be enough to get it out in the market. Here are some of the ways in which you can prepare your house for sale without making it too heavy on the pockets.

Improve the first look

First impressions matter. Be sure to do up the front look of the house. The lawn, the porch, the car park, everything that the eye sees when they walk in through the gate. You don’t have to go all out and get it professionally landscaped, just be sure to mow the grass, pick up the dry leaves, prune the bushes and make the place look sprightly. Along with the lawn, make sure to scrub up the exterior walls and ensure that no weather stains are seen on the exterior walls. If need be, go for a paint job, do it yourself, it is not that hard. Everything adds to the first look of the house.

Make the house mold free

When one walks into the house, a clean, neat house is very inviting. You can get the help of home cleaning services if need be to do the job for you. They will take care of all the mold, dry wall, and little brick-bracks around the house. No one particularly like the smell of mould when they walk in, it portrays an unhealthy environment. So this should be on your priority list when preparing the house for sale.


If your house is located in a busy street or near a production factory, there are chances that the fumes from the factory or the pollution from the streets have made way into your house. You may not realize it as you have stayed there a while, but a fresh entrant into the house will notice it immediately. You might want to get an air freshener or a purifier that has VOC removal feature built in so it can take care of those unwanted smells.

Make small Repairs

This is where some real handy work might be needed. If the house is lived in, there are chances that the plumbing is a little off or the light switches have gone awry, a window might have fallen off or a door might be creaking. It pays to right all of these issues because a buyer will take the smallest chance to either reduce the market price that you are quoting or to find an excuse to not buy the house at all.